Federal Criminal Defense & Sentencing

The Law Offices of Mark H. Allenbaugh’s attorneys are substantially experienced in representing clients in defense of federal white collar criminal matters and are at the forefront of Federal Sentencing, bringing the firm’s expertise to numerous clients throughout the United States. The firm has professionally represented both individual and business organizations in connection with federal criminal investigations. The firm’s attorneys are active in representing clients in all stages of criminal defense matters, from preliminary federal investigations through federal sentencing. Additionally, the practice group has experience in creating corporate compliance programs for both the federal government and various corporations.

An important facet to The Law Offices of Mark H. Allenbaugh’s criminal practice is dedicated to compliance programs. Our attorneys work directly with corporate executives and general counsels in developing a tailored corporate compliance program to identify potential criminal concerns relevant to the client’s specific operations and policies. The firm’s unique perspective and method of addressing corporate compliance has lead to the firm’s development of training programs for company personnel responsible for implementing the corporate policies and procedures that protect against violations of federal criminal law. As described in greater detail in the Corporate Governance and Compliance practice of the firm, we have been successful in preparing and implementing corporate compliance programs that are consistent with our client’s interests.

The Law Offices of Mark H. Allenbaugh’s criminal defense and federal sentencing practice groups unique and diverse backgrounds ensures that a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience will be at our client’s disposal in addressing a federal criminal matter. Specifically, the practice group consists of the former head of the Department of Homeland Security Cyber Security Group, the former interim General Counsel to the Federal Sentencing Commission, and frequently cited attorneys that remain highly regarded by the national legal community.

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