Corporate Governance & Compliance

The Law Offices of Mark H. Allenbaugh’s attorneys advise clients on the best methods to detect and prevent violations of law and corporate policies. The firm often develops and ensures the implementation of client business ethics and compliance programs. A necessary component to the sustaining of any business is a system to of corporate compliance that results in the prevention of violations of law. The careful crafting of corporate compliance policies and a robust investigation staff will create a culture of sound business ethics and redundancy that the modern corporate business must have to become and/or maintain success.

Integral services we provide our clients are compliance training seminars at management meetings, in the field, and at vendor conventions. The Law Offices of Mark H. Allenbaugh conducts internal investigations and due diligence in an appropriate manner when requested by clients and/or in the event a violation is discovered.

The Law Offices of Mark H. Allenbaugh’s corporate compliance department presently provides counseling to multinational corporations headquartered in Southeast Asia and the United States in a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, and finance.

The Law Offices of Mark H. Allenbaugh’s vast experience in forming and maintaining client entity structures, according the relevant law, and drafting various agreements between corporations places the firm in the unique position of understanding the nature of the business of each client. Thus, when clients retain the firm for corporate compliance matters, the firm is knowledgeable of the relevant industry and business practice of the corporate client.


The corporate compliance services that The Law Offices of Mark H. Allenbaugh’s provides is specifically tailored to the needs of each client with respect and attention given to the client’s respective industry, business practice, and level of government regulation of each client’s particular industry. Specifically, the firm is adept to developing corporate compliance programs that exceed any federal or state standards, placing the firm’s respective clients in an echelon of good corporate practice unto their own
and to the satisfaction of the consumers.

Emphasis on Chinese Markets

The Law Offices of Mark H. Allenbaugh is established both geographically and in experienced attorneys and staff to address the particular issues many U.S. businesses are being faced with, particularly the issues posed by Chinese manufactured goods that do not compliant with quality control standards of the respective business. The firm is perfectly situated with offices in GuangZhou, China, the manufacturing hub of China, and Southern California where most Chinese goods are shipped and delivered.

The Law Offices of Mark H. Allenbaugh has developed both professional and cultural ties within China making the firm the ideal choice of many of its clients to properly advise and investigate U.S. businesses on the quality of the goods being manufactured in China. The firm also maintains a staff fluent in Chinese that are well versed in the legal and business cultures of China.

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