China Trade & Risk Assessment

The Law Offices of Mark H. Allenbaugh offers its client’s a unique service that is unrivaled in the legal community and has become a necessary resource for many of the firm’s clients. We provide due diligence and consulting services to our clients that either conduct business directly in China or companies that import from China. This service is increasingly more necessary as many of our clients are either unfamiliar or unaware with the nature of manufacturing in China and the quality of the goods being imported and sold at stores within the United States.

With qualified attorneys and a full staff of employees from diverse backgrounds both in the United States and in China, our clients are given reports addressing the particular concerns of the client. We are able to provide our clients with reports addressing the following: quality control, chemical testing of goods, video surveillance, confirmation of labor standards (such as the use of child labor), due diligence of principals of Chinese companies.

The expertise of the attorneys in the China trade and risk assessment practice is unparalleled in the community. The firm is able to offer the unique perspective of an attorney that is also in the business of manufacturing and importing goods from China for consumption in the United States.

With the ever increasing business between China and the United States, it is going to become more relevant for our clients to protect their interests at home and abroad. The firm is well-situated to address the cultural and legal differences between Chinese manufacturing and U.S. manufacturing, a unique perspective that many clients need.

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