Bill Aramony

Curriculum Vitae

For more than 29-years, Bill Aramony has helped federal employees with employment and personnel security clearance problems. He advises but also, he advocates and litigates. Mr. Aramony’s clients vary, and thus solutions to their problems vary

Clients employed by the U.S. Government are subject to a range of specialized federal statutes and Executive Orders. For these federal clients, Mr. Aramony has appeared before deciding officials on proposals to discipline, before the Foreign Service Grievance Board (for Foreign Service Officers), and security clearance panels. He has litigated cases before the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (for career civil servants), the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and in federal court on behalf of career Foreign Service Officers and civil servants.

Clients not connected with the federal government seek assistance with pay, health, or pension benefits, and discrimination claims. Some clients are defended in litigation when sued about non-compete agreements, duty of loyalty, proprietary and trade secret takings, and alleged wrong doing in the work place. Some are subject to mental disability, pay, or other discrimination. The problems vary tremendously and each person and each case is different.

Mr. Aramony also is general counsel to a few small businesses, most of which are headed by a person retired from an original career who started his or her own company. The business clients are select and get personal attention. EACH business client has done extremely well since being established.

Mr. Aramony has his own law firm and works his own cases. Sometimes, he associates other attorneys or Mr. Aramony is asked to assist on a case. One associated attorney is a partner in a large law firm and an expert in federal contract law. A West Coast attorney owns an American manufacturing company with offices in the Republic of China. A military justice attorney formerly headed the Navy and Marine Corps appellate defense. A second military justice attorney practices from Georgia. Mr. Aramony also works with non-attorney specialists. One non attorney owns a company in the United States and overseas, and understands the business of both United States and foreign Government contracting.

The law firm’s full contact information is below. Do not hesitate to contact Mr. Aramony directly if your legal issue is important to you, your career or your future. The law firm prides itself on giving personal attention to clients and to their complex legal issues, and welcomes giving proactive early advice and legal planning to avoid problems, as well as engaging in litigation, when it is necessary.





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