NACDL Podcast on the new Sentencing Commission Report on Child Pornography

Issues in Child Pornography Law & Sentencing. We speak  with two of the nation’s leading experts in this area — Michael  Iacopino, co-chair of NACDL’s Sex Offender Policy Committee and an attorney  in private practice based in Manchester, New Hampshire. Iacopino is also the  immediate past president of the New Hampshire Association of Criminal Defense  Lawyers. We also hear from Mark Allenbaugh, former staff attorney to the U.S.  Sentencing Commission, who is the co-chair of NACDL’s Sentencing Committee and  an attorney in private practice with offices in the D.C. area, Ohio and  California. The discussion also covers the recent U.S. Sentencing Commission Report to Congress.

Podcast of Issues in Child Pornography Law & Sentencing (May 9, 2013)

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